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Business terms

Whether you’ve set your heart on a Lovjoi piece or you’re just window shopping, one thing is for sure – no one really wants to read the terms and conditions. But just in case you do, we’ve made them as clear as possible. It looks like you won’t need that legal dictionary tab open after all.

1. Who these terms are for

When you order from us, you are entering into a contract with:

Burgau 1
88525 Dürmentingen

Lovjoi is registered at the district court in Ulm, Germany under the number 730948. 

These terms and conditions – or the ones valid when you order – apply to all the deliveries between you and Lovjoi.

When we say ‘you’, we mean anyone who is ordering primarily for personal purposes. In other words, the order isn’t linked to your business or job.


2. What we sell

Any time we talk about entering into a contract with Lovjoi, we mean buying from our online shop 

When we show you pieces in our online shop, we are inviting you to buy them from us, but it is not yet a binding order. You only send us a binding order when you confirm your purchase.


3. The ordering process

This is what the ordering process looks like:

  1. You select the item(s) you want to buy.
  2. You confirm by clicking ‘Order’.
  3. You check the item(s) in your bag.
  4. You confirm by clicking ‘Continue to checkout’.
  5. You log into the online shop after registering and inputting your details (email address and password).
  6. You double-check your details and correct as required.
  7. You click ‘Buy now’ to confirm you want the item(s). By doing so, you agree to enter into a contract with Lovjoi.


Before submitting an order and making it binding, you can go back to the previous page and correct your details. All you have to do is click ‘back’ or ‘view previous page’ in your browser.

We confirm orders straight away with an automatic email that shows we have accepted your order. We call this your order confirmation.

If you’ve had a change of heart, you can just close the page and your order won’t be processed.


4. How to save the contract

When you order through our online shop, we send you the order details and our terms and conditions by email. If you find yourself stuck without a good book, you can read our terms and conditions at

For security reasons, your order details are no longer available online.


5. Prices, shipping costs and how to pay

The prices listed on our website include German VAT and any additional parts of your order. Please bear in mind that our prices don’t include shipping.


What payment options are available?

You can pay by bank transfer (before delivery), payment on delivery (only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg), direct debit[A1] , PayPal or credit card (Visa).

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you agree to pay the total order price as soon as you place your order. The confirmation email in your inbox means we accepted your order, and we’re now in a contract together. 

If we deliver a ‘payment on delivery’ order, you have to pay the total order price when you receive the item(s).


6. Delivery

Unless specified in the product description, all of our pieces are available and can be shipped straight away.

If this is the case, your order will be shipped within five business days. Please bear in mind that Lovjoi is based in Germany, so we may have different public holidays than you, depending on where you live.


Within five days of what?

If you pay by bank transfer, the five-day period we have to ship your order begins the day after your request for payment is made. 

With all other payment methods, the five-day period begins once you have placed your order and we have accepted it.

If the five-day period ends on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the period ends on the next business day.

If any piece is accidentally lost or damaged before it reaches its new home with you, it’s our fault. But once the item has been delivered, it’s up to you to treat it with TLC.


5. When are the items mine?

The items belong to Lovjoi until you have paid for them in full.


6. Cancelling an order

What is the Lovjoi cancellation policy?

When you order with us and we accept your order, you are entering into a contract with Lovjoi.

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without having to tell us why. The 14-day period starts from the day you received the goods or when someone else did for you. (This someone can’t be the delivery company.)


What rights do I have as a consumer?

As a consumer, you have the right to cancel a contract as long as you are acting primarily for personal purposes. In other words, the order isn’t linked to your business or job.


How to cancel the contract

If you want to cancel, you have to tell us in writing. To save you time, you might want to use the template below. Alternatively, you can send a letter or email to:


Burgau 1
88525 Dürmentingen


What happens once I have cancelled?

When you cancel the contract, we have to return payment to you in full. Lovjoi has 14 days to return your money starting from the day we receive your cancellation notice, but we always try to get the money back in your account straight away. 

Payment in full means everything you paid us as part of that order, including shipping costs. This does not include any additional costs you might have incurred when ordering. Say for instance you chose a more expensive delivery option than the one we recommended, we would only refund standard shipping on that order.


Who pays to return the item?

If you cancel the contract, Lovjoi pays to return the item.


How do I get my money back?

Your money is returned the same way we received it ­ ­– be it by PayPal, bank transfer or card payment.

We never charge you for accepting a refund if you cancel the contract.


When do I get my money back?

We can refuse a refund until we have received the item(s), or until you send us proof of postage – whichever comes first. 

You must return the item(s) to us immediately or at the latest within 14 days from the day you wrote to us to cancel the order. If your package arrives after the 14-day period but you posted it within the 14 days, you still qualify for a refund.


7. Cancellation template

If you want to cancel the contract, you can fill out the form below and send it back to us.


Burgau 1
88525 Dürmentingen


I am/We(*) are cancelling the contract I/we(*) entered into when buying the following item(s)(*):


Ordered on(*)/received on(*)




Signature(s) (if electronic copy)


Signature(s) (if paper copy)




(*) Please delete as appropriate


8. Warranty

Statutory warranty regulations apply.


9. Contract language

This contract has been translated into English so you know what you are agreeing to. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can read the original version here:


10. Resolving disputes

We hope you never need it, but here is the link to the EU Online Dispute Resolution site:

You can also access it through the Your Europe website: (


English terms and conditions as of February 2017